Motorcycle Oil

You could use a conventional motor oil in your motorcycle, but why would you want to? You get the best performance with an oil formulated specifically for your motorcycle.




It’s built differently. Motorcycles run hot, and unlike cars, the engine oil is three-port–it lubricates the transmission, wet clutch and primary chain. A car lubricant can wither, or lose viscosity, under these intense mechanical conditions. But motorcycle oils are multi-grade, containing additives that withstand shear and idle sitting, combatting corrosion that can occur during intervals in between use. It’s also easy on the clutch, giving you smoother transitions.  


PennGrade Motorcycle Oils: Multi-Viscosity Protection, Strength and Compliance  


Pennsylvania-grade stock, known for its quality, is the foundation of our motorcycle oil. We add viscosity-modifying technology also used in our famed PennGrade1 motor oil, zinc, anti-wear and anti-scuffing additives, along with detergents, dispersants and anti-oxidents to provide overall:

  • High temperature protection for water cooled 4-cycle engines
  • High shear viscosity
  • JASO-MA2 compliance for wet clutches
  • Exceptional film strength


What type of motor cycle oil do you need? Depends on what are you driving.


  • PennGrade 10W-40: best for 4-stroke motorcycles and engines specifying API SJ, SH or SG quality oil
    • Makes: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
    • ATVs, golf carts, 4-wheelers



  • PennGrade 20W-50: best for V twin domestic and imported motorcycles and engines specifying API Service SJ, CF or CH-4 quality oil
  • Makes: Harley-Davidson, S&S, RevTech


    • Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Victory 4-stroke motorcycles and engines requiring 20W-50 viscosity

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