Gear Lubricant

How well do you know your vehicle? You likely need more than just motor oil to clean and cool the engine. In fact, standard transmissions, transfer cases and differentials in automobiles, trucks and machinery typically need a much heavier weight support. They need gear oil.


Gear oil prevents noise and friction when shifting gears (and speeding up/down). Because of the intense heat and pressure involved when a vehicle is operating, gear oil needs to be very thick, or viscous, and highly protective.


Without the correct oil or proper maintenance, you could experience:

  • Noise when turning and shifting;grinding and/or humming
  • Vibration when driving
  • Oil pollution


It won’t be a smooth ride, that’s for sure. And you could invite wear, tear and expensive repairs.


PennGrade gear oils: the right formula for every application


PennGrade carries a range of gear oil formulations for nearly every make, model, transmission or machine application. At the root is our famed Pennsylvania-grade crude stock, known for its quality, and anti-wear additives that provide:

  • Foaming resistance
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • High film strength
  • Low temperature performance
  • Demulsibility and shear stability
  • Oxidative sludge and varnish formation resistance


Gear Oil Types:


Multi-Purpose Gear Oils SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140

  • Best for: conventional differentials in passenger cars, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, manual transmissions requiring an API GL-5 lubricant


Full Synthetic Hypoid Gear/Blower Racing Lubricant 75W-90 (7766)

  • Reduces oil temperatures by 15 degrees–more than conventional gear lubricants, yielding longer component life, less drag, more horsepower


  • Best for: Roots and Lysholm screw-type superchargers and where high shock loading is a concern: manual transmissions, hypoid differentials


Multi-Purpose ‘Classic’ Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 80W-90 (7729), 85W-140 (7735)


  • Used with “yellow” metallurgy (brass, bronze, copper) and other ‘soft’ metals used in synchronizers, bushings, thrust washers and other components typically found in classic manual transmissions and transaxles


  • Best for traditional manual transmissions, Muncie, Rockwell, NVG/New Process, Borg-Warner, Saginaw and Ford and many imports, including Nissan UD trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso trucks, Volvo trucks, and Mercedes Benz truck manual transmissions,  transmissions/transaxles on Nissan cars and SUVs, Mitsubishi vehicles and Suzuki vehicles calling for a GL-4 level lubricant


Limited Slip GL-5 80W-90 Gear Oil (7732)


  • Friction-modified lubricant for clutch-type, limited slip differentials. Low speed, high torque applications reduces “stick-slip chatter”


  • Best for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, on or off the road recreational vehicles, light duty trucks and classic car systems


High-Performance Gear Oil SAE 80W-140 (7721)


  • All-temperature gear lubricant, passes the KRL tapered bearing shear stability test and provides excellent protection to drivelines that experience heavy shock loading


  • Best for conventional differentials and drive-trains in passenger cars, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks and manual transmissions requiring a GL-5 gear oil


Full Synthetic Hypoid Gear Lubricant SAE 75W-90 (7763)


  • Improves fuel economy when compared to an SAE 85W-140 or straight 90W gear oil


  • Best for conventional differentials and drive-trains in passenger cars, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, and manual transmissions requiring a GL-5 gear oil


Full Synthetic Hypoid Gear Lubricant SAE 80W140 (7765)


  • Premium heavy-duty, extreme pressure (EP), 100% synthetic GL-5 gear lubricant that outperforms conventional gear lubricants: longer gear life, better operating economy


  • Best for applications where heat and wear present major concerns, including manual transmissions where EP type lubricants are recommended, differentials including limited-slip, and transfer cases for heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, and industrial gear drives.


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