PennGrade Motor Oil

PennGrade Motor Oil


PennGrade Synthetic Blend

PennGrade Synthetic Blend is a gasoline engine oil formulated with premium base oils and the latest high-performance additive technology. Its high tech anti-wear technology offers incredible valve train wear, and it improves fuel efficiency in new and late model gasoline engines.


PennGrade Full Synthetic

PennGrade Full Synthetic is a gasoline engine oil that offers protection against harmful engine deposits and high temperature thermal breakdown. It is designed to ensure quick cold weather engine start up while protecting vital engine componentry. PennGrade Full Synthetic is formulated to provide exceptional wear protection, viscosity control and engine cleaning power.


PennGrade High Mileage

PennGrade High Mileage is specifically formulated for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles of wear. It contains seal swell agents to prevent leaks and reduce oil consumption. PennGrade High Mileage also helps combat sludge and reduces wear in older engines.


PennGrade Evolve

PennGrade Evolve is formulated with ultra clean, high quality re-refined base stocks. It improves fuel efficiency in new and late model gasoline engines. PennGrade Evolve has anti-wear additives that dramatically reduce engine wear, and its high detergency keeps engines free of sludge and varnish deposits.


PennGrade Euro

PennGrade Euro is a full synthetic engine oil developed specifically for European model vehicles. Its low viscosity formulation maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising engine protection. It also features enhanced turbocharger protection.


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