PennGrade LC 5 Moly EP 2 Grease

The LC 5 Moly EP 2 Grease is a heavy-duty, high performance, extreme pressure (EP) grease fortified with five percent molybdenum disulfide (commonly referred to as "moly") to meet Caterpillar's Multi-Purpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM) requirements. It is primarily intended for agricultural, mining and construction equipment applications, as well as most heavy-duty industrial applications requiring protection from heavy shock loading conditions. The presence of "moly" provides reserve protection in these situations which helps prevent metal-to-metal contact and costly equipment downtime. The presence of "moly" is also valuable in unclean environments or when proper re-greasing intervals are not followed.

PennGrade Multi-Purpose EP No 2 Grease

The Multi-Purpose EP 2 Grease is a general purpose, extreme pressure (EP), lithium soap-thickened grease. It is designed to perform in a wide variety of applications requiring a grease with EP properties and good load-carrying capacity. It meets the requirements of Mack GC-G and ASTM D-4950 LB for use as an automotive chassis lubricant.

PennGrade High Temperature EP No 2 Blue Grease

The High Temperature EP 2 Blue Grease is a multi-purpose, NLGI #2 GC-LB lithium complex grease designed for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. It combines strong high-temperature performance with excellent extreme pressure (EP) properties. It also provides good water resistance, excellent oxidation stability, exceptional rust protection, and resistance to chemical breakdown.

PennGrade Red EP #2 Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease

This high-temperature NLGI #2 GC-LB calcium sulfonate complex grease is formulated with high viscosity index base oils. It incorporates extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear protection, excellent mechanical and shear stability, and exceptional oxidation resistance with outstanding high and low temperature performance capabilities.

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