Grass Roots

Grass Roots

PennGrade 1 sponsors the No. 90 NASCAR Super Late Model Series car driven by Molly Helmuth. The sponsorship marks a continuing effort to increase brand awareness of the PennGrade 1 product line throughout North America.

“We are excited to welcome Molly into the D-A Lubricant Company family. She will be a fantastic asset to the PennGrade 1 marketing effort and we look forward to joining Molly in the 2015 racing season,” said Gisela Miller, President of D-A Lubricant Company. “MHR will join a very select group of motorsport focused partnerships for us. We were looking for an energetic, dedicated and focused individual to help us move the PennGrade 1 brand forward and I sincerely believe Molly brings that to the table."

“I’m very excited to be representing PennGrade 1 with MHR," added Helmuth. "I look forward to a lasting partnership and I am thrilled to be with such an iconic national brand.”

Helmuth started racing go karts at the age of 11 in the IKF Gold Cup series. She moved into full size stock cars at the age of 14 and at 15 began racing in the Pro4 Truck Series. At 16 Molly entered into Super Late Model and also made her debut racing a Ford Focus Midget for Ron Sutton's Winners' Circle, a developmental team based in Northern California. Today, Molly continues to race in the NASCAR® Super Late Model division.

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